Why This Small Business Owner Recommends Attorney Michael Mack

My name is Doug Kind, and I’m 54-years-old. I finished my undergraduate here in Waukesha. From there I went to Brigham Young University (BYU) to pursue a master’s degree. I also coached football. I coached the freshman quarterbacks and receivers, and in 1984 I was fortunate enough to be on the national championship team with BYU. The man that I worked directly for was Mike Holmgren. Mike was the quarterback coach at the time. I had always wanted to join the military, so on a whim I walked into a recruiter’s office and joined the United States Marine Corps.

I spent four years in the Marine Corps and then returned to Milwaukee. A friend of mine hired me to run his company. It was a metal polishing company. After several years of working with him, I had the opportunity to buy my own metal polishing company, and in 2002, that’s exactly what I did. Like most small business owners, we struggled at the beginning. We got behind on our taxes. I had a revenue officer that was starting to come after us for a total of $81,253. It was a very stressful time until I found attorney Michael Mack. Mike got involved immediately. It didn’t cost me a thing up front, and within a day Mike had the levy stopped and got the IRS to settle. Mike has been able to help me with my personal credit too. He has a total tax recovery program, which has made all of the difference for me.