Alternative Tax Solutions to Help With Your Tax Debt

Hi folks. This is Michael Mack. I’m an attorney with Faith Law Firm and I’d like to talk about alternative tax solutions. We are very proud of the fact that we offer solutions that tax resolution companies simply cannot offer. Let me quickly run down the list of alternative solutions that we offer. And, by the way, get the free e-book, which you can download in a matter of seconds, because that gets into more detail.

One alternative solution that we use a lot is penalty abatement, or penalty elimination. Think about it. Many people have tax debt that is made up of mostly penalties and interest, and we have a way of eliminating penalties and interest for a lot of our clients. So then we are left with a very manageable tax debt to deal with, and we use other solutions to deal with the remaining tax debt. So that’s one alternative tax solution.

Another alternative tax solution is partial pay. Partial pay can be a very useful, powerful way to deal with tax debt. Actually, it can be a better way in many cases than an offer in compromise. And then, there are two forms of “currently not collectible.” That is a very overlooked and very powerful tax solution that we use for many of our clients.

Then, of course, there is bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is not for everybody, and I’m not trying to convince anybody to file bankruptcy. As a matter of fact, most of our clients avoid bankruptcy, and yet bankruptcy can be for some tax payers the most powerful way to wipe out tax debts and deal with the tax problem. So keep in mind these alternative tax solutions, and make sure you are opened-minded and that you get good information before you make a decision. I’d be happy to speak with you and give you a free consultation. We take care of our clients. If you become a client of our firm, we will take care of you. God bless.