Hard Working Couple Is Happy with Tax Attorney Michael Mack for Saving Them Money

We were having a lot of problems making ends meet—financially not stable—which was very frustrating. It was difficult to work out terms, and things changed very quickly over a period of time and things changed very quickly from the amount of our debt and how we were able to handle paying it because terms had changed. They had put us in a situation where it was impossible for us to keep up.

We came and saw Mike. Right off the bat, we were very comfortable with him because he had a lot of empathy for our situation. He understood that we didn’t want to be here. There were some faults on our part, but we did not want to be where we were. We were very comfortable with him, and it went from there. He offered solutions. He laid it out clearly what was going to happen, and we were comfortable with it and went with him.

The other solution we saw prior to seeing Mike was clearly not going to help us. We are older parents, and we were faced with paying debt forever. I would say that it has been at least $45,000, maybe even close to $50,000 that Mike has saved us.