Unpaid Payroll or Trust Fund Taxes

The IRS can be both unforgiving and ruthless when it comes to unpaid payroll taxes and trust fund taxes.  That is because the IRS has the legal authority to do substantial damage to the business, to the business owners and to some employees who work for the business.  The IRS will seize assets.  They may shut the business down. They may go after not just the business owners, but they may hold certain employees personally liable for the unpaid payroll tax or trust fund tax.  That is not what I want for you and I am sure that is not what you want for yourself.

So imagine, walk with me for a minute, and imagine waking up in the morning and knowing that your trust fund tax situation, your payroll tax situation is under control.  There is a plan to deal with it and you no longer have to worry about the IRS slamming you down.  Wouldn't that be an awesome feeling? 

That is what you can expect from Faith Firm.  Faith Firm takes care of it's clients.  If you become a client of Faith Firm we WILL take care of you.

Call me or send me an email.  God Bless.