How We Can Get an IRS Tax Lien to Disappear

Hi, folks. This is attorney Michael Mack, and I’m going to talk about how to eliminate an IRS tax lien. Our goal is not simply to eliminate the tax lien, not simply to get the tax lien satisfied. Our goal for our clients is to get the tax lien withdrawn. That’s the critical word—withdrawn. You see, the IRS affords taxpayers the ability under certain circumstances to actually make the tax lien disappear. Not only is the tax lien released, but it’s wiped off the face of your credit reports—Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion no longer report the tax lien. So that is our goal—to get the tax lien withdrawn.

There are a number of proven methods that we use. The first thing we are going to do is to get the tax lien itself; we are going to look at the face of the tax lien, and we’re going to look at the master tax file. You would be amazed at how many times, based on looking at the master tax file and the face of the lien, that the IRS has violated their own correction procedures. If we can show the IRS that there’s a violation of the collection procedures, which lead up to obtaining the tax lien, the tax lien will be withdrawn.

Another method is to enter into, on behalf of our clients, a particular type of installment agreement. There’s a variety of installment agreements that the IRS offers. One particular type of installment agreement allows our client to have a tax lien withdrawn while the client pays off the underlying tax debt.

Another method, of course, is to settle with the IRS for less than is owed. Stipulated between the IRS and our client, as part of the deal, is that the IRS will agree to withdraw the tax lien.

Finally, there is lien subordination, which is really pretty simple. You need to get refinanced or to finance property. In exchange for the IRS releasing or withdrawing the tax lien, you will get refinanced or financed and you will pay off the tax lien in the amount of the tax debt.

Keep this in mind, as well. We use very powerful appeal rights if we don’t get our way the first time. We use the due process appeal. We also use the equivalent hearing, and we also use, where necessary, an independent advocate who can overrule a revenue officer who is not being cooperative.

If you need help with getting a tax lien withdrawn, give me a call at (414) 771-9200 or at [email protected] We can help you just like we’ve helped so many others. God Bless!