What Is the Hardship Program?

I think one of the most—or maybe the most—overlooked tax solution is the hardship program, or otherwise known as uncollectable status. I would venture to guess that many people watching this presentation right now qualify for the hardship program and you don’t even know it.

What is the hardship program? It is a program that the IRS does not publicize, and yet many folks qualify for it. What it means is permanently or temporarily you do not have to pay your taxes. You don’t have to pay the principle. You don’t have to pay the interest and the penalties. And as I said, many folks qualify for this program and they don’t even know it. If you are curious about whether you qualify for the hardship program or how you can deal with your tax problem, give us a call or send me an email. Faith Firm takes care of its clients. If you become a client of Faith Firm, we will take care of you as well. God bless.