Beauty Shop Owner Recommends Michael Mack & The Faith Firm

Before I met Mike, I’d been self-employed for over 30 years. Being self-employed is kind of like everything revolves around you and being healthy and being at the critical point of making it. I ended up getting a phone call from one of my doctors that I had to come in because it was an emergency. It was just devastating; that one phone call was devastating. He thought I had colon cancer. My whole world fell apart, and I just felt like this is the end of the world for me. My priorities changed instantly. Somewhere along the line I felt like, well I’m not a quitter, but something says: “What’s going on?” “Where can I get help?” “How can I turn the tables around?” And no matter what I did, I didn’t have the legal expertise and the financial know-how to go in and solve that.

Out of sheer frustration and desperation I started looking for help. When I walked into the office and met Michael, I was like okay. This guy knows what he is doing and understands what the struggles are. So at that point, I got my hope back. We sat down, devised a plan and initiated that plan, and then we started all over again. Right now I feel great because I know there is hope, and I want my life back. And to get my life back, I needed help. And the help I got was with Michael Mack. So with that I feel great about everything now because I know there is life at the end of the tunnel and light at the end of the rainbow. And with that, I urge you to seek help—and you have to get the right team. I have talked with numerous people prior to meeting Michael. I came in and met the team and have never been happier. I am so very happy with the whole team, and I hope everybody understands how important it is to get with the right team. No one is going to lead you down the road here in the wrong way. They are going to give you the best advice. They don’t want to waste your time. These guys get it done, and that’s what I like.