Successfully Stopping an IRS Collection Can Be Done

How do you stop IRS collections? Well, fortunately there are a number of ways to stop IRS collections. Whether it is a levy, tax lien, summons, or whatever the case may be, there are proven methods to stop the IRS and get the IRS off of your back or off of your business. Keep this in mind. Successfully stopping IRS collections or bringing IRS collections under control means knowing the tax law, knowing the Internal Revenue manual chapter and verse. That’s critically important.

The IRS cannot do what it wants, when it wants. And yet it often tries because they haven’t read their own manual or because of their own work pressures. A lot of the folks within the IRS are good people but they are under pressure. Our law firm understands the pressures that the IRS is going through. We know the IRS manual chapter and verse. We know how to apply legal strategies to bring IRS collections under control or stop it all together. We take care of our clients. If you become a client of Faith Firm, we will take care of you as well. God bless.