Learn How To Get Started For Free

Hi, folks. This is attorney Michael Mack, and I am an attorney as well as the managing partner for Faith Law Firm. We are a law firm of tax lawyers, and we solve people’s tax problems. There are four reasons why we are the wise choice, in my opinion, in getting us involved in helping you solve your tax problems once and for all.

ONE: We’ll get started on your case essentially for free. Here’s what I mean: if you become a client of our firm, we will get started on your case without any requirement that you pay us anything to get started on your case. We will get between you and the IRS immediately. We’ll file our appearance on your behalf with the IRS and take the pressure off of you. Then we’ll work out a payment plan that you can afford with our law firm. We really want to see you become tax problem free.

TWO: We offer an assurance guarantee. Here’s what I mean: we list exactly what we’re going to do, and we need to do exactly the things that we tell you we’re going to do, or a refund of the fees is due to our client. We set the standards high for us to perform to do exactly what we’re going to do, and that gives you peace of mind.

THREE: We are a law firm. That’s important, folks, for you to keep in mind. The tax resolution companies out there — hundreds of them, as a matter of fact — are really good at sales and marketing, and yet they don’t deliver results. In fact, many of them are very dishonest. They make representations that are simply not true. We have the capability to do what the “other guys” cannot do. We are licensed to go into U.S. Tax Court, Federal Court, and Bankruptcy Court. We can represent people in the IRS appeals process. We simply do what others cannot do.

FOUR: Total tax recovery is a program that we’re very, very proud of. What this means is that after our client’s tax problem is solved, we put our clients into a program to transform their financial lives. For example, a big component of total tax recovery is repairing our client’s credit—helping our clients boost their credit score after their tax problems have been resolved.

We take care of our clients. If you become a client of Faith Firm, we will take care of you. Please give me a call at (414) 771-9200 or at [email protected], and I will be happy to speak with you. God bless.