The IRS levied my accounts.

I got a call from my ex-wife and was surprised because we don’t talk. She was mad because her accounts had been frozen, and the IRS was levying her accounts. So I go down and check with the bank, and my accounts had been levied. 


I contacted Michael Mack immediately, I tried other attorneys and went through the phone book but they all wanted a big retainer for them to represent me in this tax issue. Mike got on my case, and I didn’t have to pay him any money down. They released the levy within hours of contacting Michael Mack.

The IRS claimed that I owed them $122,000, and I was wondering how I was going to pay this. When I contacted Michael Mack, he got on my case and negotiated it down to a $5,000 tax debt, and he allowed me to make installment payments. So I was tax free, had installments, and my life was back on track.