Faith Firm Solves Tax Problems

Most consumers who are struggling to pay back taxes or pay down consumer debt are not aware of laws that can be used to their benefit. Whether you are seeking to avoid bankruptcy, restructure debt, repair your credit score, or file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, we can help.

Types of ProblemsTypes of Problems

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when you have a tax problem. At Faith Law Firm, we immediately get between you and the IRS, and we also relieve the stress and burden that the IRS has placed on you and your family. Tax lawyer Michael Mack can find legal options to lessen or discharge your tax liability that tax resolution companies are not qualified to offer. Our team of lawyers can find a lasting solution to debt and credit problems caused by back taxes owed to the IRS or the state.

Tax SolutionsTax Solutions

Faith Firm offers mainstream as well as alternative tax solutions which are legal and proven to deliver results. The Faith Firm focus is on wiping out the tax problem.