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The Terrible Lie

A few years ago I watched a 60 Minutes episode where a doctor lied to cancer patients by promising a cure he knew would never work. Because these poor folks were weak, vulnerable, and desperate for a cure, they did what they would not do in their right mind – they forked over thousands of dollars hoping for a cure – and yet the cure didn’t work.

The Situation Grew Worse. People Died. Loved Ones Mourned. All because of a terrible lie. Yes, the truth matters – a lot. 

Another terrible lie is the one being perpetrated on citizens with tax problems. The lie comes from the so-called “tax resolution” industry that targets desperate citizens suffering from tax problems. Tax resolution companies are rampant. Some engage in almost criminal behavior by making false claims in order to induce unsuspecting and vulnerable taxpayers.

The Tax Resolution Scam Blueprint

When I worked for the Department of Justice, I noticed that the most successful scammers had a blueprint for deceiving people. The tax resolution industry uses the same scam blueprint:

Tax resolution companies promote a false and misleading message, repeating it over and over again. For example, they claim they settle with the IRS for less than owed even though by the IRS’ own statistics, most of their settlements are rejected.

Tax resolution companies use distinctive phrases and slogans like “If you have at least ten thousand dollars in tax debt….” Or they use highly paid celebrities to endorse them.

Tax resolution companies lessen anxiety and fear by lying about their qualifications. Many of the tax resolution companies claim to have tax lawyers working for them, but that’s usually a lie. They also use fake testimonials with fake results. 

Tax resolution companies transmit propaganda through attention-getting media like radio, TV, and internet. They spend millions of dollars on slick advertising campaign.

The IRS Makes the Lie Worse

What makes this terrible lie flourish is the fact that the IRS is not always forthright about the solutions available to the taxpayer. Their lack of full disclosure is often unintentional. Rather, it’s merely a function of IRS incompetence. Furthermore, the IRS seems content to do nothing about the tax resolution industry, and the government simply descends down on the taxpayer like a vulture to take what’s left.

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