The Non Filer Program

Be Not Afraid and Step Forward

The IRS has a program just for folks like you who have not filed tax returns. This is intended to allow tax payers to step forward without being crushed.

Now, if you have not filed tax returns, you’re probably like the many other folks we’ve helped, and you have these common fears…

  • Perhaps you fear you can’t pay the tax. Candidly, this is the biggest reason folks don’t file. How can you pay the IRS when it’s difficult enough just to feed your family or run a business?
  • Perhaps you fear the unknown. Where do you even begin to deal with the problem?  
  • Perhaps you fear you may go to jail if you ‘come clean’ with the IRS.

We understand your fears. Yet the best time to step forward is before the IRS discover you failed to file. You'll feel better, sleep better, and enjoy life!

How to File Delinquent Tax Returns 

There is a right way and a wrong way to file late tax returns. Keep in mind that many IRS collection techniques are based on asking questions and seeking information designed to trap the taxpayer. That’s why there is a wrong way and a right way to prepare and file back tax returns.

Here are some of the “right” techniques to prepare and file unfiled tax returns:

Substantial Compliance. When an unfiled tax return is filed, IRS collection employees like to bully citizens into wrongly believing that you need to have written documentation to claim deductions and income. However, that’s a myth. You only need to be in “substantial compliance” with the tax laws. The reality is that it’s often wise to change the tone of negotiations by replacing an IRS collection employee with an enforcement mindset to an IRS officer whose job is to resolve unfiled tax returns, and accept our client’s substantial compliance position.

Reconstruction Techniques 

Clever, effective, totally legal techniques exist to re-construct information and file a return which will be accepted by the IRS based on substantial compliance. Taxpayers are given a fair and reasonable opportunity to prepare and file their late tax returns without undue burden.  

Affidavits to Overcome IRS Objections 

A simple document prepared by an attorney can prove a deduction even when the paperwork is missing. It’s called an affidavit, and they can be used to establish key information needed to file the return on behalf of the client. The IRS is fond of promoting the myth that every deduction and every expense must be established through documentation. That is simply not true, and affidavits, when crafted correctly, can prove invaluable in overcoming IRS objections. 

Privileged Communication.

Remember that what you tell your lawyer is protected by the attorney-client privilege. Unlike the “tax resolution” companies and CPAs who have no privilege and can be forced to disclose what you tell them, a lawyer is duty bound to keep the confidence of the client.

Faith Law Firm is qualified to represent you and do the speaking for you without the IRS even knowing your name until we are ready to give it. This is vital.


In some cases the right way is to prepare the tax returns first, and contact the IRS before you file the return. This can protect our client from IRS abuse

Has the IRS Already Contacted You?

Don’t panic. It’s still going to be okay, and our approach is still going to be effective yet a little different than if you had not been contacted by the IRS.

One tactic the IRS is fond of is filling a return for you called a “Substitute for Return.” We will if necessary get that return changed to a return you prepare on your terms.

Get the IRS Gorilla Off Your Back!

The best way to step forward is now, before the IRS has you in their sights.  In most cases, delinquent returns will be filed and accepted without nitpicking and without criminal prosecution.

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