What is the IRS fresh start program?

In 2012, the IRS expanded tax relief programs to help struggling taxpayers. The previously strict criteria for eliminating penalties, settling tax debt, and entering into installment agreements were made less strict by the IRS. Consequently, a number of Faith Firm clients have benefited from the fresh start initiative 

However, the program is not for everyone, and taxpayers are misled into thinking otherwise. By the IRS’s own statistics, the vast majority of taxpayers have not benefited from the program.

Tragically, thousands of U.S. taxpayers have been scammed by the so-called “tax resolution” companies that make it sound easy to negotiate with the IRS. In fact, it’s not easy at all. That’s why according to the IRS, the vast majority of offers to settle are rejected by the IRS.

Lost in the fanfare of the fresh start program are proven alternative tax solutions. These are the solutions the tax resolution companies won’t tell you about because they are not licensed to offer them, or they are not competent to undertake them on a taxpayer’s behalf.   

The bottom line is you need to know all tax solutions, not just the ones the tax resolution companies have reduced to a marketing sound bite on the radio. For the straight truth, get the free book, The Truth about Tax Settlement and Alternative Tax Solutions