What if I ignore an IRS Revenue Officer?

IRS problems do not just go away, and neither do IRS Revenue Officers. These guys are the IRS’s most experienced, most sophisticated collection employees. They undertake intensive, high priority investigations. They don’t mess around, and if you ignore them, the consequences can be swift and painful.

Your tax lawyer should immediately respond to Revenue Officers who contact you. Or else here are some of the ways the IRS can make your life miserable:

  • They can demand your appearance at a local IRS office.
  • The IRS can garnish your wages.
  • The IRS can wipe out your bank account.
  • The IRS can seize your house, car, land, and other property.
  • The IRS can seize your investments, such as your 401(k).
  • The IRS can shut down your business and sell the assets.
  • The IRS can report a tax lien as a public record for the whole world to know.
  • The IRS can report the tax lien to all three credit reporting agencies.
  • They can make a criminal referral.

Fortunately, with the help of an experienced lawyer, you can resolve your tax problem and experience peace of mind. To learn more, check out our free book, How to Get Tax Forgiveness.