What can I do if the IRS denied my innocent spouse claim?

U.S. Tax Court can be an innocent spouse’s best friend. You may go direct into the United States Tax Court under two circumstances:

  1. If they deny your innocent spouse claim for relief. You have ninety days from the date of the final determination in which to file a petition seeking a review. While the ninety day is pending, and while the U.S. Tax Court case is pending, the IRS cannot take collection.
  2. If the IRS does not rule on your innocent spouse claim within six months, you can file a petition for review directly with U.S. Tax Court even without the IRS having made a decision. This prevents the IRS from engaging in delay tactics.

Hire a tax lawyer who is specifically licensed in U.S. Tax Court. CPAs and Enrolled Agents are not licensed in U.S. Tax Court, and most lawyers are not either.

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