How can I see what the IRS sees?

Your tax transcript will tell you everything the IRS knows about you. To request your IRS transcript, write to:

IRS FOIA Request

Stop 93A

P.O. Box 621506

Atlanta, GA 30362-3006

Expect to receive your transcript in thirty to sixty days. When the transcripts arrive, you may see portions blacked out, and that information is usually not important.

You will see the original tax due as well as penalties and interest. It will tell you whether the IRS can file a lien, levy, or seize your property. You can calculate the time left to collect, also known as the statute of limitations. The transcript reveals when you filed your returns, and if you failed to file a tax return you can see if the IRS filed a return for you. You can determine eligibility for tax elimination through bankruptcy and other tax relief methods. It’s all there to see in the IRS Master Tax File.

By the way, the IRS Disclosure Office, which is the central repository of taxpayers’ transcripts and other data, is separate from enforcement and collection divisions. A request for a Master Tax File usually won’t sound the IRS alarm bells. As a rule of thumb, we request transcripts going back ten years.

Faith Firm will obtain your Master Tax Transcript free of charge if you are a client, usually in a matter of a few days.

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