The People With the Highest IQs Have Faith

It’s fashionable among the elitist crowd to claim that people who believe in God are not as intelligent as those who don’t believe. Comedian Bill Maher claims believing in Jesus Christ is like believing in a “fairytale.” So who are we to question the wisdom and intellect of Bill Maher and the self-proclaimed enlightened non-believers? 

Well, in point of fact, some of the brightest minds on the planet believe in God. They have faith, just like you and I.

The Smartest Among Us: Believers Like Us

Here they are:

Stand Firm in Your Faith

Andrew Magdy Kamal. He has  the highest IQ ever recorded at 231.734. This was accomplished last year (2014) just before Kamal turned 17. Kamal is listed for Highest IQ and Highest IQ average. He is also the founder of the Coptic Orthodox Messianicans Group, and he hopes to use his talents and intelligence to spread the news of Jesus Christ, his “hero.” Kamal lives in Michigan.

Abdessellam Jelloul. He has the highest IQ ever scored by an adult in the "advanced IQ test" was by Jelloul, who scored an adult IQ of 198. This was in a 2013 test which included 13 dimensions of intelligence (analytical, spatial, logical, memory, musical, linguistic, philosophical, moral, spiritual, interpersonal, intra-personal, bodily and naturalist). Unlike other tests, the advanced IQ test includes more measures that other tests cannot assess. Jelloul "believes in God, a Supreme Architect of the universe"

Christopher Michael Langan. He has a verified IQ of at least 195. Langan achieved a perfect score on the SAT, but dropped out of Montana State University after concluding his professors weren't qualified to teach him anything. ABC's 20/20 measured his IQ as an adult to be between 195 and 210. Langan has clearly states that he believes in God. For example, in William Dembski's book "Uncommon Dissent", he wrote: "...since Biblical accounts of the genesis of our world and species are true but metaphorical, our task is to correctly decipher the metaphor in light of scientific evidence also given to us by God".

Christopher Hirata. He has a verified IQ of 225, calculated when he was in his teens. Hirata skipped middle school, and at 16 was working with NASA on a project exploring the possibility of colonizing Mars. He attended Princeton at 17 to attain his PhD in Astrophysics. Hirata posted the following to his Facebook on October 31, 2013: "Today's experience: saying the Lord's Prayer with a homeless couple on Colorado Boulevard. It may not feed or shelter them, but I hope that it made a difference in their lives."

Evangelos Katsioulis. This man of faith scored a 198 as an adult. Katsioulis is a Greek Doctor, a Psychiatrist and a Philosopher who has publicly referred to his belief in human souls several times. For example, he did a lecture in 2008 called "BODY AND SOUL” where he asserted: "The soul is not the body. It is not the flesh. It is the spirit." He is a Christian, by the way.

Mislav Predavec scored a 192 as an adult. Here is what he wrote to a friend who had become a Christian: "David, I am so glad hearing good news about your convalescence, and more about your enlightenment, you are aware now that your suffer and pain, your giftedness and sense are a part of plan. Truly, all this can´t exist without being leading it intentionally. Atheistic explanation that everything is accidental progress is full of holes. Stay well my friend. – Mislav.”

Gary Kasparov. He possesses an IQ of 190. He was perhaps the most universally attested-to as a top-shelf intellect. In 2003 Kasparov played to a draw against a chess computer that could calculate three million positions per second. He is considered by many to be the greatest chess player of all time. Kasparov has described himself as a "self-appointed Christian."

Kenneth Ferrell scored a 190 as an adult. He is a Christian. Ferrell spoke in 2013 at the University of Notre Dame where he publically proclaimed his faith. In 2011 he spoke at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California.  Ferrell has also written articles of his faith in Jesus Christ.

Lesson to Be Learned

Especially in today's world, we need to stand firm in our faith, and not back down. On a purely intellectual level as well as spiritual level, the non-believers are fighting a losing battle. God loves us all equally, no matter what our IQ or how large our bank account or what we do for a living. In fact, God has a special place for the spiritually humble, or "poor in spirit." We must not be self-satisfied or proud, thinking we don’t really need God, or He cannot bless us. The Bible says, “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble” (James 4:6).

So let's not be ashamed of our faith, but proclaim it with joy! Let’s not allow the so-called “enlightened” class dare question our IQ because of what we believe. If they don't share our faith, we will pray for them!

Thanks for reading this. God bless you.



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