A Good Tax Lawyer Can Change Your Life. A Tax Resolution Company Can Ruin It.

I will get calls from people asking me what’s the difference between what I do versus what these so-called “tax resolution” companies do. And the short answer is “Tax lawyers ‘do’ so much more than tax resolution companies, and good tax lawyers do it much better.

12 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Tax Lawyer to Solve a Tax Problem:

  1. Your tax lawyer will take the pressure off of you immediately. Once you retain a tax lawyer, the IRS must stop calling you.  The IRS is required to conduct all negotiations – telephone calls, meetings, etc. – through your attorney. This puts my client in control. Instead of off the cuff responses to IRS inquiries, that can damage my client, the tax lawyer controls the flow of information.
  2. Your tax lawyer can appear in U.S. Tax Court. This is critically important, because Tax Court provides for checks and balances against IRS abuse or error. Tax Court provides for an independent review based on the law.
  3. Your tax lawyer knows the law. Your tax lawyer has been educated and trained in understanding and applying the law – the Tax Code and the Internal Revenue Manual and the Federal Court Rules, for example.
  4. Your tax lawyer can use the threat of litigation to settle an IRS matter. Yes, you can sue the government.
  5. Your tax lawyer can use the threat of bankruptcy to settle a tax debt. The Internal Revenue Manual provides for this very tactic, and an IRS Revenue Officer is to consider what the government would get in bankruptcy versus settlement outside of bankruptcy.
  6. Your tax lawyer can file bankruptcy to achieve relief. Bankruptcy is not for everyone, yet bankruptcy can be a game changer for many citizens as it can wipe out completely or in part income tax obligations as well as certain penalties. Your tax lawyer can advise you on using Chapter 7 or 13 or 11 to resolve your tax problem, or whether another path is advisable.
  7. Your tax lawyer can use the Federal Courts to achieve certain results. For example, there is a provision within the federal statutes to quiet title of an IRS tax lien.
  8. Your tax lawyer will have prior relationships with IRS revenue officers, collectors, appeals officers, and revenue agents and will understand how to get things resolved because of those relationships. And candidly, the IRS respects a member of the bar rather than a so-called “enrolled agent” or CPA who cannot sue the government, cannot appear in court, cannot file bankruptcy, and cannot make the IRS pay for their mistakes – like a tax lawyer can.
  9. Your tax lawyer knows how to protects your wages, bank accounts, and property from IRS garnishment or seizure. One of the ways is using the court system to stop it, and non-lawyers cannot practice before Federal Courts, Bankruptcy Courts or Tax Courts.
  10. Your tax lawyer will know when to advise you if bankruptcy is the best way out, the differences between Chapters 7, 11 and 13, and be able to represent you in U.S. Bankruptcy Court.
  11. Your tax lawyer will not disclose any statements you make to him or her. That is protected under the attorney client privilege. You could admit to committing tax fraud and your tax lawyer will not disclose it to the IRS. That same privilege does not apply to communications you make to, for example, your CPA.
  12. Your tax lawyer is regulated by the bar and the courts. If he or she does something unethical, there are big consequences.

Some of The Biggest Scams Are by Tax Resolution Companies

J.K. Harris and Tax Masters screwed thousands of tax payers and ruined thousands of lives. They were both tax resolution companies who made big promises in order to induce unsuspecting taxpayers into paying a big fee. They use high pressure sales and fake testimonials as part of their scheme to deceive taxpayers. Tax Masters

Make no mistake, for every one tax scammer that closes down, more than one starts up again. The scammers are everywhere. I have a client right now who got scammed by a tax resolution company, and the company did absolutely nothing. From what we can figure out, the owners keep starting new companies with new names.  

And by the way, just because a tax resolution claims it has lawyers working for it, does not mean they have lawyers. Many simply make that claim up. They just lie. You should ask them for the NAME of the lawyer if they make the claim, and ask the company to confirm that you are being represented by a law firm. The tax resolution companies may have lawyers working for them, but that does not make these companies law firms regulated by the State Bar of United States Courts. 

If you desire to speak with a real tax lawyer in a real law firm who gets real results for his clients, I would love to speak with you, and show you what a difference I can make in your life.

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