How to Settle Mortgage Debt for a Fraction of the Balance

Many of my clients own homes which are under water. When that happens, your home is no longer your home, it's more of a financial prison, in my opinion.

So what can you do about it?

Well, consider simply walking away from the home, and starting over. Many of my clients have done this, and they're relieved they no longer have this giant house payment every month. It's even possible to get the bank to PAY you for leaving. 

Another option is to negotiate a settlement with the bank where the mortgage balance is settled for less. If this is done successfully, you stay in the house, and the bank agrees to be paid off for less than you owe.

The right is a document showing how Chase Mortgage agreed to settle with one of my clients. My clients also had tax issues, and that's not uncommon. These folks, with our help, were able to wipe out over $217,182 in tax debt and another $65,335 in mortgage debt. 

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