What a New York Police Officer Can Teach Us About Getting the Right Information in Business and in Life

Here is a story about a New York City police officer who teaches us an important lesson about success in life.

A New York City police officer was asked this question by a reporter, “What’s the worst thing you can cry out if you’re attacked by a man in the hall of a strange building?”

The police officer’s answer may surprise you. He said, “You should never yell ‘help’… because that will make everyone in the building double lock their doors.”

Surprised by his answer, the reporter then asked the police officer, “Well, what should you yell if you’re attacked in a building?”

He answered: “You should yell ‘fire’, because that will make everyone run out of their apartments into the hall with you.”

Think carefully about the police officer’s answer. First: The answer which most people believed was true was actually a mistake, and that mistake might get someone hurt. Second: The right answer was the “insider trick of the trade” answer and it was exactly the opposite of what many, even the smartest among us, would have believed.

Real Insider Information Makes the Difference

In every field, in every area of living, insider information often makes the difference between those who succeed and those who fail. And by "insider information" I don't mean anything illegal or unethical. I'm refering to valuable information that comes from people - like the police officer - who are actually doing the thing they talk about.  

I see this first hand in the law. I see it when it comes to tax issues, and credit issues and getting ahead financially. It's fascinating to me really, because you almost never hear from the real experts. Instead, we get celebrities and talking heads who sound or look good, but they really don't have the solutions for which we are searching. 

So what happens is you may be trying your best, and you may think you are doing things correctly, yet in reality you are making mistakes you don’t even know you're making! I don't want that for you. And I know you don't want that for yourself.

My goal with Faith Law Firm is that you will obtain "insider information" that transforms your life some way.

God bless you all. 

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