Debt Doesn't Define Who You Are

Do Not Let Your Debt Define Who You Are

My clients are a diverse group of people. I’ve represented teachers, doctors, construction workers, CEOs, sales professionals, plumbers, fireman, coaches, restaurant owners, realtors, chiropractors, professional athletes, law enforcement, lawyers, engineers, pastors, military personal, pilots, and on and on. Recently a man who owned an “exotic dancing” establishment hired me. I may not agree with his profession, but he is not a bad guy.

Do Not Judge Others Or You Will Be JudgedDebt Can Happen from Plain Bad Luck

It’s not my place to judge others. I've made a vow not to judge others. (See Matthew 7:1 or Luke 6:37)

However, if you asked me the characteristics of almost all of my clients, I will tell you that the vast majority of folks I represent are good, hardworking, and honest people. I enjoy helping them, and talking with them. I learn from my clients. Many become my friends.   

Many clients are victims of a sluggish economy. For example, they are forced to decide between paying the IRS or paying for food, clothing and housing for their families. Some of my clients run into bad luck. Some of my clients fall into depression because of divorce or death of a loved one or health issues. Some of my clients just make the wrong decisions – we are all human.

Life Happens 

It does not mean you’re a bad person. Forgive yourself, and move forward. Just solve the problem!

And remember, your tax problem or mortgage problem or other debt problem has a solution. Some solutions are embarrassingly simple. Some may take longer and are more complicated. Whatever the tax problem, there is no hopeless case. So don’t beat yourself up over it.  


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