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Types of Problems

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when you have a tax problem. At Faith Law Firm, we immediately get between you and the IRS, and we also relieve the stress and burden that the IRS has placed on you and your family. Tax lawyer Michael Mack can find legal options to lessen or discharge your tax liability that tax resolution companies are not qualified to offer. Our team of lawyers can find a lasting solution to debt and credit problems caused by back taxes owed to the IRS or the state.

Tax Solutions

Faith Firm offers mainstream as well as alternative tax solutions which are legal and proven to deliver results. The Faith Firm focus is on wiping out the tax problem.

A Promise of Hope for People Suffering With Tax Problems

If you’re an individual or a business with a tax problem, it can be really scary for a couple of reasons.

First, many people fear the unknown. The IRS is a huge agency and the tax code is a vast minefield of complicated laws, regulations, and procedures. Even those who work for the IRS don’t always understand the tax code they’re supposed to enforce! How can you?

Second, many fear the power of the IRS. Let’s face it, the IRS has enormous power, and they sometimes abuse that power. The IRS is the most powerful collection agency on earth. They can take your wages, your bank account, your retirement, even your home. And sometimes they send people to jail just to send a message.

So it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. You may have questions. Where do I turn? Who do I trust? What are the best tax solutions for my unique situation? How much will it cost?

Tax attorney Michael Mack will ease your fears and inspire hope by answering all of your questions and providing you with a specific plan to deal with your unique tax situation.

It’s Not Your Fault

By the IRS’s own statistics, a staggering 41 million people either owe taxes they cannot pay, or they fail to file tax returns. Make no mistake: tax problems are an epidemic created by a confusing tax code, excessive tax rates, and abusive tax collectors.

The good news is there is no such thing as a hopeless tax case. Many of our best success stories are from clients who didn’t think anything could be done to help them. Here are some of the tax cures we use to deal with our clients’ most devastating tax problems:

  • Stopping wage and bank levies—often in hours
  • Five sure-fire tax debt forgiveness programs
  • Six programs to remove tax liens
  • Two IRS hardship programs most taxpayers overlook
  • Making IRS audits go away…or neutralizing them so they are painless
  • Secret tactics to wipe out penalties
  • How to file unfiled tax returns without prosecution
  • How to “go over the head” of the IRS (almost no one knows about this)
  • How to instantly stop IRS collections using an overlooked federal law
  • Doubling your chances of winning an IRS offer in compromise
  • Proven payroll tax solutions

Tax problems usually don’t just go away on their own. Interest and penalties will continue to grow and become more devastating the longer you wait. By not taking the first step and giving us a call, you only cause further damage to yourself, your family, and your business.

The Six Things You Can Expect From Us

You can expect not to be judged. We never, ever blame you for the past. This is all about solving the problem, not making you feel bad about the past.

You can expect options. You will be given all the options for solving your tax problem once and for all. Usually, the options we offer you have not even heard about.

You can expect an extremely high level of care and compassion. We understand the stress you may be under, and it’s our job to take away your burden and let you get back on with your life.

You can expect fierce advocates working on your behalf. The IRS can’t do just what it wants, when it wants, although its employees often try bully and bluster tactics to scare people into submission. With us on your side, you probably won’t have to ever communicate with the IRS and we will protect you from abusive collection tactics.

You can expect total tax recovery if you become a client. We believe in solving the short-term tax problem and the long-term problem. Tax problems result in credit being trashed as well, and we have developed a tried-and-tested program to give you the opportunity to boost your credit score and leave your tax problems behind forever.

You can expect affordability. If we decide to work with you, we will get started on your case immediately with no out-of-pocket upfront fee. And then we will customize a tax resolution plan that you can live with—one that positions you ideally to get on with your life.

How Do We Do It?

Faith Law Firm was built on the bedrock principle of empowering consumers who are being harassed by tax collectors and relieving the overwhelming pressure and uncertainty of a life in debt. We can help you find a way out of your financial hardship through:

  • Tax Resolution. We have successfully represented clients just like you who have struggled with state and federal tax problems, finding solutions that most people overlook (and which our competitors are not qualified to offer). We take on the work so you can have confidence that your tax debt problem will be resolved.
  • Debt Resolution. Consumer and business debt regularly accompanies (and deepens) tax worries. We examine every possible way of eliminating debt, and we even protect your financial future through our FREE credit repair program. In some cases, we may be able to prove you’re not liable for a portion of your past debts, instantly restoring a measure of financial freedom.

The Truth About “Tax Professionals” They Don’t Want You To Know

Almost all of the so-called “tax professionals” you hear about on TV or the radio over-promise and under-deliver. You pay a big whopping upfront fee, and then when your tax problem goes sour, they scatter like rats fleeing a sinking ship.

Don’t go further down the rabbit hole because you hire the wrong tax help. Consider these facts:

  • “Ex-IRS Agent” means nothing. In fact, it can be a bad thing. We get resumes all the time from “ex-IRS agents” looking for a job. They have no special capabilities or knowledge. The fact is, most of them cannot appear in U.S. Tax Court or federal court, nor can they invoke legal rights on your behalf.
  • “Pennies on the dollar” settlements almost never happen on the first try. The big tax-help companies make big promises they know they can never keep and lure you into paying a big upfront fee. What the national tax resolution companies will not tell you is that the IRS won’t write off 90 percent of your debt—at least not right away. Often the most effective way to settle for a fraction of the balance is to use the due process IRS appeals process to get your case out of the hands of the IRS officer and in front of a fresh set of eyes.
  • The tax resolution companies are neither licensed nor authorized to offer all tax forgiveness programs. This is the “dirty little secret” which really ticks us off about the firms you hear on the radio or see on TV. The most effective, powerful, least costly solutions are not offered by these slick operators. Tax law is a serious business. It’s a profession that requires an extensive working knowledge of the tax code and the federal and state procedures to deploy the very best solutions.
  • No confidentialityThis may be the most important of all tax facts you need to know. If you tell our law firm something, the information cannot be disclosed to the IRS. It is covered by attorney-client privilege. We will tell the IRS only what we are authorized to disclose. However, when you deal with  “ex-IRS agents,” CPAs, and “enrolled agents,” there is no confidentiality. The IRS can force non-attorney tax representatives to disclose information you thought was confidential.

We’re Ready to Listen and Help!

Let’s see what we can do together. Call us at 800-659-0525 to begin working on relieving your tax problems, your accumulated debt, and your worries.

Either before or after scheduling a meeting with Michael Mack, our tax relief attorney, please order and read our FREE book for clients, A Promise of Hope—How to Get Tax Forgiveness.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get your life back on track. We look forward to hearing from you. God bless.

Michael Mack
Michael Mack

I have been described as relentless, perceptive, caring, creative, and effective. I am a published writer, speaker, and skilled advocate. Many of my best results were cases where my clients were ready to give up. Yet we solved their problem. There is no such thing as a hopeless tax case.

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